Jeannie is absolutely amazing with her color magic!  I have a lot of gray hair primarily in the front.  She suggested putting in some color that gave me the highlights that I wanted without having to bleach it and BOOM- she made my gray hair look like it was part of the highlights!  I could not have been happier!  If you are seeking a change with your hair,  Jeannie is the hairstylist you need to see!     

Claudine Johnson  2-10-19

         Jeannie is my hair guru. I know she'll always take the time to make sure my hair cut flatters me and complements my personal style. I love how she lets me in on what she's doing and why! 

Jeri Chadwell  2-20-17

        Jeannie is amazing in more ways then one! Not only does she make you feel very comfortable in her chair, she is very confident in the work she does and always leaves me beyond satisfied with her talent. I have gone to Jeannie for about two years now and don't see myself going anywhere else. Not to mention her new salon is absolutely adorable, clean, up dated and of course very convenient! ❤️ Midtown. Thanks Jeannie for making me look half as beautiful as you are! Xoxoxoxo 

Cortney Stone    8-18-16

        Jeannie really listens to what I want. She makes recommendations, which I appreciate, but she does what we agree on. No unpleasant surprises, lol, just a nice collaboration for a great haircut! Jeannie is my new favorite stylist!

Sherri Ronsse  3-23-16

       Compliments to Jeannie. My daughter is very picky with her hair and make up but didn't have any complaints when Jeannie did hers on her Senior prom and 18th birthday. Jeannie also did my hair and make up and I received plenty of compliments. Jeannie is very nice, professional, and makes sure you are satisfied with her work. She's well recommended.

Bernie Cabanero  10-20-16